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Reach Richmond's most UPSCALE single-family homes!
RSVP reaches the top 100,000 owner-occupied homes in Richmond.
• Total Homes:  552,000
• Total Owner-Occupied Homes:  367,000
• RSVP Circulation:  100,000
• RSVP Homes as a Percentage of Owner-Occupied Homes:  Top 28%
• Average RSVP Home Value:  $421,000
• Average RSVP Household Income:  $125,000
RSVP homeowners are:

• Primarily between the ages of 30-64 years of age
• Highly-educated earners; doctors, executives, business owners and professionals
• Affluent consumers eager to save money; 84% often or sometimes open the RSVP postcard deck*
*RSVP consumer survey, On Target Research, November 2012

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